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Introduction to Islam (Part 5 of 5): The Catholic Response

Today I would like to conclude my introductory series to Islam. This series wasn’t intended to be an apologetic response to Islam, just an accurate and objective description of Islamic belief and practice. It is my hope that this will … Continue reading

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Know your Rites

The other week I resumed a former “hobby” of mine.  When I was living back in London I would often go and visit Eastern Rite Catholic churches… What’s Rite? A “Rite” in this context generally refers to a group within … Continue reading

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Catholicism’s Best Kept Secret: Fathers Know Best

I would now like to share with you what I regard as one of the best kept secrets in Catholicism, a group of men called the “Early Church Fathers”. I myself only discovered the Fathers about ten months ago. Despite … Continue reading

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Hello world…

…and so to my first blog entry. So what’s the point of this blog? Several years ago I blogged fairly regularly about whatever was on my mind, but then Facebook came along and almost overnight I stopped blogging. Facebook was … Continue reading

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