Chapter 3

Taming the tongue

Verse 1

Why should few people seek to teach? Serious ramifications! Set students’ direction – for good or ill.

Verse 2

What happens if we can control our speech?

Verses 3 & 4

What examples does James give to drive home his point that he who can control his tongue can control his whole body?

Verse 5

What example does James give of when the tongue is not controlled? Sirach 28:8-26

Verse 10

What habits and behaviours lead to an untamed tongue?

What’s the problem with all this? Matthew 12:34

What can we do about this? Us – Phil 4:8. God – Gal 5:22-24

Importance of Wisdom

Verse 13

What should the wise person do? Demonstrate wisdom by meekness

What is “meekness”? Controlled strength

What is the tension between “showing works” and not seeking earthly praise?

Who has demonstrated this for you?

Earthly Wisdom

Verse 14

How does earthly wisdom manifest itself?

How does James describe it? Why? “Earthly, unspiritual, devilish”

Verse 16

How is this ultimately shown?

Heavenly Wisdom

Verse 17

How is heavenly wisdom described? Is 32:17

Contrast eathly and heavenly wisdom. 1 Cor 1:20-25


Selfish Ambition, Bitter Jealousy

-> Earthly Wisdom




-> Disorder and every vile practice

From above

-> Heavenly Wisdom




Open to reason

Full of mercy

Good fruits

No uncertainty

No insecurity

-> Harvest of righteousness

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