Chapter 2


Verse 1

What is partiality?

Why does faith in Christ preclude partiality? Galations 3: 26-28

Verse 2

What example of partiality does James give?

What’s the problem with this? Distorted sense of reality.

God’s chosen poor

Verse 5

How does God view the rich and poor?

Why the seeming preference for the poor?

How can they lead others to God? Clear dependence on God. No self-sufficiency.

What did Jesus say about this? Matthew 25:31-46

The Royal Law

Verse 8

What is this “royal law”? Why “royal”? It is the law of the New Covenant given by the King of Kings (sermon on the mount) Matthew 22:37-40

Why is partiality a sin against the royal law of love?

Verse 12

What else is required of us?

How does this relate to partiality?

Matthew 6:14-15; 18:21-35

Dead Faith

Verse 14

What is the central message of James? Verses 14, 17, 18, 20, 26

How would you describe the faith here? Intellectual, dead, incomplete

Verse 17

What did Jesus say about faith and works? Matthew 7:21

Verse 19

Is belief in one God enough? Deuteronomy 6:4 #1814-1815 A plant that is continually stripped of its leaves will die. So it is with faith apart from charity

Verse 20

What is the challenge made here?

Living Faith

Verses 21, 25

What two examples of “living faith” does James give? Abraham (Israelite)  and Rahab (Gentile)

Verse 21

How was Abraham’s faith made complete?

Verse 23

Abraham was called “the friend of God”. When are we considered JEsus’ friends? John 15:14

Verse 25

How was Rahab’s faith made complete? Hebrews 11:31

Verse 26

Explain the analogy

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