Chapter 1


Verse 1:

“Dispersion” – How does this speak to us?


Verse 2:

Why “breathren”?

How should trails be received? Why? What example can you think of in life?


Verse 5:

What help does God promise?

Verse 6:

How should we ask for Wisdom? Why?

What actually is this wisdom? See Proverbs 2:1-5


Verse 9:

What does James say about wealth and poverty?

Trial & Temptation

Verse 13:

What does James say about the source of temptation?

Trial vs. Temptation, Outside vs Inside

In Greek, “peirasmos

Verse 14:

How does James describe the process of temptation?

How did Jesus resist His own trials and temptations? Through Scripture (Mt 4:1-11) and prayer (Mt 26:36-46)

What did Paul say about temptation? 1 Cor 10:13, 2 Cor 12:7-10

Verse 17:

What does “Father of lights” mean? Sun, moon & stars

Verse 18:

What does “first fruits” mean? The first sheaf to thank the Lord & offered for an abundant harvest (Leviticus 23:9-11)

Receiving the word

Verse 19:

What does this mean?

What’s the problem with anger?

Verse 21:

Where is God’s word described as a seed? Mt 13:1-9,23

Doing the word

Verse 22:

What does it mean to be “a hearer only”?

Verse 23:

Explain “the mirror”. A mirror tells the truth about the way things are. Act on what you see…

Verse 25:

How might “looking into the law that gives liberty” be turned into a devotional practise?

Verse 26:

What three things make up “pure religion”? Religion in Greek is “threskeia

1. Controlled tongue (shows the heart)

2. Care of widows and orphans (corporal work of mercy)

3. Remain unstained by the world (meaning?)


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