30% Checkup

Are we really already a third of the way through the year? Yikes… Time for a New Year’s Resolution check up!

1. Spend 30 minutes every day in Scripture: Although my prayer life has been nice and regular, I still haven’t found time to sit down regularly and just pray with Scripture.

2. More dancing: Still not good, but my time in England with my former ballroom posse gave my the kick I needed to start fixing this. Also, Swing Diego is next month!

3. No more rushing: Despite a very packed timetable while back in England, I think I still resisted the urge to rush about.

4. No chocolate: Still abstaining…still missing it 😦

5. Get into the best shape of my life: The diet still remains modest, but the regular exercise has yet to materialize. Having said that, I’m going running with John tomorrow at 5:30am… :-/

6. At least five minutes of guitar practice every day: Still going great. I now regularly play as part of Evening Prayer and Night Prayer.

7. Keep proper track of finances: Still going well. I’m back into the habit of regularly checking my bank accounts and keeping to a budget.

8. Get back to England for a couple of weeks: I did this last month and it was great 🙂

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