It’s all Greek to me…

Okay, I know this title is an incredibly obvious pun (and far below my usual, high standards), but I thought I would make it now before anyone else did. 🙂

As most of my friends know, I’ve been wanting to study New Testament Greek for some time. However, this has been easier said than done. For a start, my geographical wanderings in recent years have made committing to a course of study difficult. Also, finding somewhere that teaches New Testament Greek is not such a simple task as one might imagine and finding one which is cost-effective only adds to the fun…

When I began my “Introduction to the New Testament” course about a month ago at the Pastoral Center I asked the instructor for suggestions as to how I could bring this desire to learn Biblical Greek to fruition. He suggested that I:

  1. Contact Bethel Seminary
  2. Learn using a self-study course

I followed his advice and contacted Bethel Seminary and it turns out that I can audit their New Testament Greek course fairly inexpensively. I’m filling out an application for the course and it starts in September – score!

Since I have a bit of time before September I decided to get ahead of the game and follow my instructor’s second piece of advice. I had recently been given an old copy of a NT Greek instructional book and I decided to supplement it with the videos from I’ve interacted with the course’s teacher, D. Eric Williams, a couple of times over email and he’s been helpful in clearing up a few of my issues.

I’ve been studying Greek now for a couple of weeks and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve already found an interesting tidbit or two worth sharing, but that’ll have to wait for another post…

I dont often go to parties...

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