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Mediation From Cardinal Newman

The other night I had a meeting of with some of the Young Adult leaders in the Diocese. We shared dinner together and were offered a reflection by a Miles Christi priest. The evening was opened with a meditation by the … Continue reading

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Friday Frivolity: Can I have your adoration hour?

In previous “Friday Frivolity” segments I have covered some of the best pick-up lines the Catholic world has to offer. Well, this week’s offering comes courtesy of Catherine. If you haven’t seen Mad TV’s skit “Can I have your number?” … Continue reading

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Who’s your daddy? St. Polycarp

Today is the feast day of St. Polycarp, bishop of Smyrna. Contrary to the insistence of some of my friends, “Polycarp” does not mean “much fish” 😉 Rather, his name means “much fruit”, an appropriate appellation for a man whose life was full … Continue reading

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Friday Frivolity: Please turn off your cell phones

Haven’t done too well with blogging this week – I’ve been too busy planning my vacation/holiday back to England.  However, I’ve got a chunk of time marked out this weekend to finish a couple of entries I’ve started. Until then, … Continue reading

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Nostra Aetate

In the concluding post for the “Introduction to Islam” series I quoted the Second Vatican Council document “Nostra Aetate” since it provides Church teaching regarding non-Christian religions in general, and Islam in particular. In the JP2 Group we will be working … Continue reading

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Friday Frivolity: Unto thy own self be true…

There are a few things I know about my on limitations. For example, I can’t pull off wearing a leather jacket.  Just can’t do it.  Whatever personal quality is necessary to wear a leather jacket and look cool, I just … Continue reading

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Bible Study Notes: The Epistle of James

Those eagle-eyed among you might have noticed a new menu item appear at the top of this blog yesterday. The “Notes” menu is now going to be the place where I put the notes I make for Bible study sessions. As … Continue reading

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Sharing and Subscribing

I was busy getting my car serviced early this morning so I didn’t have time to write a proper blog entry. I’ve got few longer entries which should hopefully be appearing next week. However, there were a couple of things … Continue reading

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Stuff I’ve Had To Learn: Sun Beats Wind

I’ve been thinking a lot about Aesop’s Fables recently, and one fable in particular which was read to me as a child. I remember the pictures in the book and the story vividly: “The Wind and the Sun were disputing which … Continue reading

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Introduction to Islam (Part 5 of 5): The Catholic Response

Today I would like to conclude my introductory series to Islam. This series wasn’t intended to be an apologetic response to Islam, just an accurate and objective description of Islamic belief and practice. It is my hope that this will … Continue reading

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