Which father are you?

A few years ago, even before I even really knew the Early Church Fathers, I took the quiz “Which Church Father Are You?“.  I took it again yesterday and got the same answer I got the first time around:

“You’re Origen. You do nothing by half-measures. If you’re going to read the Bible, you want to read it in the original languages. If you’re going to teach, you’re going to reach as many souls as possible, through a proliferation of lectures and books. If you’re a guy and you’re going to fight for purity … well, you’d better hide the kitchen shears”

Sounds about right 🙂

If you take the test, please leave a note in the comments below with your result…

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4 Responses to Which father are you?

  1. John says:

    I got Origen too. Although I can’t say I fully supported any answers to some of the questions

  2. David says:

    Me three. Not that that’s very Origenal anymore.

  3. St. Jerome.


    Listen ladies, stop being such wussies and get out there and wage spiritual warfare, you cupcakes!

    (Jokes, just jokes!)

    Nice little test. I posted it onto my blog and am curious to see who will take it as well. Thanks for letting me air my results here!

  4. I was puzzled…I got Origen, too…dang.

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