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Set Up iTunes Feed…

It’s probably worth mentioning that I’ve created an RSS feed to allow people to subscribe to the St. Ignatius podcasts in iTunes: If you have problems with this, or don’t use iTunes, simply point your media player software towards: http://www.trycatch.net/audio/ignatius/IgnatiusOfAntioch.rss

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Beginning Ignatius’ letter to the Smyrnaeans

The final two letters of St. Ignatius which we read are both sent to the city of Smyrna. ┬áThe first letter is sent to the Church as a whole, the second specifically to their bishop, Polycarp. This first letter is … Continue reading

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My Confirmation Prayer

The Scripture which will be proclaimed at Mass in the upcoming weeks looks at the subject of prayer. The other day, whilst surfing the Internet, I came across the prayer which I used during my time of preparation prior to … Continue reading

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